Child Support: The Most Common Questions

Solution of child support for minor children
12 minutes of reading
Mgr. Lucie Petránková
20. 1. 2021

Child support raises many questions that we often encounter in our legal practice. What amount of child support can you ask for? What should you do if the other parent refuses to pay child support? And what about child support in the case of joint custody? We will answer all of these questions in this article. Read more

What documents do you need for a divorce?

Signing the documents needed for divorce
13 minutes of reading
Mgr. Lucie Petránková
14. 12. 2020

Divorce is a difficult situation, often complicated by confusion about what you need to end your marriage as easily and quickly as possible. What are the necessary documents for a divorce, and which application must you sumbit to a court in the cases of either a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce? You will learn all of these details in this article. Read more

Establishing or Disestablishing Paternity. How to Do It?

Baby with father holding hands
14 minutes of reading
Mgr. Lucie Petránková
11. 12. 2020

The mother of the child is of course the woman who gave birth to this child. There is no doubt about it. However, the situation is legally more complicated with fathers. Read more

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