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Jirka Chomát
20 years of experience
Ondřej Preuss
JUDr. Ondřej Preuss, Ph.D.
12 years of experience
Mgr. Kristýna Knapešová
5 years of experience
Marek Svobodný
Mgr. Marek Svobodný
13 years of experience
Lucie Petránková
Mgr. Lucie Petránková
11 years of experience
Lucie Klostermannová
Ing. Lucie Klostermannová
5 years of experience
Jirka Chomát
Jirka Chomát
20 years of experience
Nikola Šedová
Mgr. Nikola Šedová
16 years of experience
Preset Prices
All services pre-priced for no surprises.
We Do Everything Online
Save time, money and the hassle of travel.
We Work Fast
90 % of issues get solved by the following day.
Experienced Team
We have specialists for every field of law.

Our Fixed-Price Legal Packages

None of the above packages fits your needs?

Get help immediately with these affordable solutions below.

Tailored Solution
We can help you solve any legal problem.

Are you facing a legal problem that you don’t know how to deal with and that doesn’t fit any of our services? Describe your situation to us and we will suggest the best way to solve it.

690 CZK

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Consultation with a lawyer
We can answer any legal question.

Are you dealing with a specific legal matter and want advice from an experienced lawyer? Send us your query with supporting documents and we will answer it within two days. We can also help you with other solutions to your situation if you wish.

4.700 CZK

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How does Dostupný advokát Work?

Only a few clicks to solve your legal issues.


How does Dostupný advokát Work?

1. Send Your Order

Choose the service that works best for you. Pay immediately, or after completion of service. Discount for immediate payment.

2. Describe Your Problem

Describe your legal problem in a secure web environment. Attach any necessary documents or files.

3. Call Your Attorney

A specialist from our legal team will call you to speak about possible solutions.

4. Receive an Answer

A specialist from our legal team will email you with a solution, including all necessary paperwork.

Reviews of the Dostupný advokát service

Recenze služby

Ms Magic, Google reviews

before 3 years

Fast and professional solutions for most normal legal needs at affordable, preset prices. Seriously, what could be better than that? While it sounds ‘too good to be true,’ I’m happy to report that the staff at DA are pros, and what’s more they are honestly dedicated to their awesome mission, which is to make quality (zobrazit více) Fast and professional solutions for most normal legal needs at affordable, preset prices. Seriously, what could be better than that? While it sounds ‘too good to be true,’ I’m happy to report that the staff at DA are pros, and what’s more they are honestly dedicated to their awesome mission, which is to make quality legal services affordable for the average person. I find their prices very fair when compared to what I’ve usually paid for similar services, which means I (and my family and friends) can get the legal help I need without worrying about some black hole of never-ending fees. In my own experience with DA I’ve found everyone there very responsive, and emails and calls are answered in a timely manner. Their large staff also gives me confidence that any legal needs I have can be handled professionally, as there’s always someone with experience in my particular issue. Their head attorney also writes a regular blog and keeps up with all the latest legal trends, which means they as a business stay up-to-date. As someone who’s spent a fortune over the years on legal assistance, or tried to “go it alone” when I couldn’t afford legal help, I wish Dostupny Advokat had been around a long time ago. I highly encourage anyone who needs legal help to TRY THEM FIRST!

Recenze služby

Lucia Tóthová, Prague

before 3 years

We chose the premium package because it promised a fast reply within 24 hours, and we needed help quickly. A few hours after sending our order, Dostupný advokát called us. After discussing our issue and agreeing on the next steps, we felt confident in how the whole procedure would go since we had never experienced (zobrazit více) it before. We appreciate their patience.

Recenze služby

Monika Holcátová, Prague

before 3 years

Your reputation is well deserved. All our contracts were done quickly and accurately. In addition, Dostupný advokát explained the legal regulations for our property easement, which I found critical to our success because as a layman I had no idea what problems that could cause us. I have no suggestions for improving your service, because (zobrazit více) I am completely satisfied.

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About Dostupný advokát

We are a team of experienced attorneys and other legal specialists. We take advantage of the ease of modern communication to provide continuing legal counsel to people throughout the whole of the Czech Republic – conveniently, affordably, and professionally. More about Dostupný advokát

1000s of successful cases.
150+ new clients every month.
90 % of cases solved in 2 days.

It was just a few years ago when having a legal service online seemed impossible. Some even ridiculed the idea. But we believe having easy access to an attorney means an opportunity for law and justice for everyone.

Ondřej Preuss
JUDr. Ondřej Preuss, Ph.D.,
Attorney and founder Dostupný advokát
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Dostupný advokát je advokátní kanceláří roku 2024
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Dostupný advokát is the law firm of the year 2024

Nikola Šedová
16. 5. 2024

The Dostupný advokát has been voted (see Law Firm of the Year 2023) Law Firm of the Year in the retail services category for the second time. We were awarded the title as part of the Law Firm of the Year Awards organised by Lawyers & Business magazine. The Dostupný advokát is the country's leading online legal services provider and the largest adviser on real estate transactions, family matters and advising entrepreneurs and sole traders.

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