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A few words from our clients…

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MgA. Anna Leschingerová, Cvikov
graphic designer

I had no idea that there was an online service that could arrange all your legal paperwork for you. I’m so glad I found your service! Using Dostupny Advokat gives me the time to enjoy with my family and loved ones, instead of hassling with legal issues I don’t fully grasp.

Michal Vrátný, Prague
Owner ZeleznaKoule.cz

Thank you for the fast and accurate advice. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about the benefit of Dostupný advokát at first. However, now I am glad I used your service. I know who to turn to for advice next time.

MDDr. Pavla Kramolišová, Horní Bečva

I appreciate how fast and efficient you are on all my legal projects. Using your service I save a lot of time, worry and frustration.

We always solve your problems in a tailor-made way

Leasing auto

Pavel Kasal
owner of the website DotaceProLidi.cz

I decided to withdraw from my operating lease prematurely and was charged a ridiculously high penalty, apparently because the car had been sold for a significantly lower price than its market value. I found it frustrating, so I turned to Dostupný advokát for help. They got to work on the case very fast and recommended several options on how to proceed. They also helped me prepare all necessary documentation. Thanks to them, I had to pay only a fraction of the original amount and saved tens of thousands of Crowns.

Ondřej Preuss

JUDr. Ondřej Preuss, Ph.D.
Attorney and founder Dostupný advokát

We looked through Mr. Kasal\s case and prepared a statement for the leasing company. We pointed out that the company breached their mutual agreement, and was not acting in good faith, according to specific stipulations of the Civil Code. The company withdrew their exorbitant requirement immediately. Mr. Kasal saved a large amount of money, which the leasing company had no right to be claiming anyway.

Fintech Cowboys

Dostupný advokát or How to get legal services in the digital age

We chose the premium package because it promised a fast reply within 24 hours, and we needed help quickly. A few hours after sending our order, Dostupný advokát called us. After discussing our issue and agreeing on the next steps, we felt confident in how the whole procedure would go since we had never experienced it before. We appreciate their patience.


Dostupný advokát is exactly what I've been looking for - a team of professionals who are great to communicate with

Dostupný advokát fulfilled my assignment to a tee – together we managed to create a very decent contract quite quickly, which fully corresponds to my idea, and they even advised me to include a few other things I didn’t know about until then. The prices are half of what I have encountered in the past.

Jan Vrátný

Jan Vrátný, Veselí nad Lužnicí
Builder of roofs and wooden buildings

I work as a self-employed craftsman and I know my field very well. Unexpected events happen, however, and I sometimes have to deal with problems where I need quality legal advice. I don’t like calling legal offices, getting sucked into discussions with terms I don’t understand. Dostupnyadvokat.cz is different. My first time, they replied immediately and together we created a contract custom tailored to my exact needs. I continue to be very happy with both their work and their price.

Mgr. Marek Svobodný
Attorney Dostupný advokát

Jan Vrátný has been doing professional roofing, wooden home repair and plaster boards for 20 years. Not long ago, he asked us for help with an issue regarding a contract for work done. We promptly reviewed this contract and made the proper adjustments. Mr. Vrátný was content and doesn’t think twice who to call when he needs legal help or representation.

Jitka Salačová

Jitka Salačová, Praha 6 – Řepy
Chairman of the Homeowner Association of a house at Šimonova 1108, 1109 and 1110

In 2016 our Homeowner Association faced an unexpected event which led to the need for legal help. We reviewed many professional legal services, and chose Dostupný advokát because they remain available for contact practically anytime, without charging extra for being outside work hours. In addition, Mr. Preuss is available to speak with by phone, email and Skype, and he never fails to be respectable and discrete. We can confidently confirm the excellent quality of his service, loyalty and availability online.

Ondřej Preuss

JUDr. Ondřej Preuss, Ph.D.
Attorney and founder Dostupný advokát

We have been working with the Homeowner Association at Šimonova 1108 for several months, assisting them with whatever comes up. This has included a dispute with a former administrator, continual review of lease contracts (both professional and residential), and a new contract for proper elevator inspection.

Reviews of the Dostupný advokát service

Recenze služby

Lukáš Řezníček, Prague 6 – Bubeneč

before 3 years

I am giving both the website and service provided my very highest rating. Dostupný advokát found a hidden risk in my contract for the transfer of an apartment, which would have cost me tons of money.

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Štěpán Mičunek, Vsetín district

before 3 years

I contacted Dostupný advokát because I needed help with a non-payer. Dostupný advokát gave me advice on how to proceed. The dispute became a court issue, where I was represented by Dostupný advokát. I won the court case and I can fully recommend their service.

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Zuzana Marková, Prague

before 3 years

We had terms and conditions drafted for our gym, and now we are very glad that we did so. Clear relationship rules are the basis for lasting friendships, and never more so than in the business world!

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PhDr. Helena Hoffmanová, Prague

before 3 years

I lease and sublease properties professionally and have been working with Dostupný advokát regularly long term. I especially appreciate their reliability. I also admire the flexibility and professionalism of their online legal service. But what I value most is that they are always on top of the latest news. With Dostupný advokát I can feel (zobrazit více) confident because I know that my business is always covered.

Recenze služby

Filip Rufer, Prague

before 3 years

Dostupný advokát updated the terms of a contract for our web portal studentino.cz, to insure that they were in strict accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The entire process was done online and for reasonable price.

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Jan Sekanina, Prague

before 3 years

My grandparents wanted to give me an apartment, but I was extremely busy at the time and couldn’t afford to put any time into finding out what I needed to do. I also had no idea how to get the transfer of ownership handled at the Land Registry. Dostupný advokát arranged everything for me, and (zobrazit více) the apartment transfer was legally arranged with no issues. Thank you and thumbs up!

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Ing. Jana Žáčková, Prague

before 3 years

My boyfriend and I had the lease contract for our first apartment checked by Dostupný advokát and were glad to learn about our rights, and all the steps we needed to take.

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Tomáš Hrdlička, Nové Strašecí

before 3 years

I felt very uncomfortable meeting an attorney in person. But Dostupný advokát managed to solve everything for me online. I bought a consultation because my employer had sent me for a long term business trip to an exotic country with no explanation, and I wanted to be sure what my rights in this situation were. (zobrazit více) The Skype consultation was very pleasant and the service was fast. I can fully recommend them.

Recenze služby

Monika Holcátová, Prague

before 3 years

Your reputation is well deserved. All our contracts were done quickly and accurately. In addition, Dostupný advokát explained the legal regulations for our property easement, which I found critical to our success because as a layman I had no idea what problems that could cause us. I have no suggestions for improving your service, because (zobrazit více) I am completely satisfied.

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