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Contract for work

Protect yourself and your clients and avoid the complications that a poorly drafted contract could bring. We’ll make sure that the creation and delivery of the work is legally free of any ambiguities, unreasonable risks and hidden pitfalls. We will prepare a bulletproof contract for you in as little as 3 days.

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9.200 CZKVAT included
  • Writing or reviewing a contract tailored to your needs
  • Treatment of risks associated with the delivery of the work
  • Work warranty treatment and removal of defects
  • Treatment of withdrawal
  • Protection against disproportionate sanctions
  • Consultation with an attorney 30 minutes
  • Processing of the complete solution within 5 days
  • Recommendation of budget and other conditions of cooperation
  • Recommendations on related regulation
  • Recommendations to address other follow-up questions




16.400 CZKVAT included
  • Writing or reviewing a contract tailored to your needs
  • Treatment of risks associated with the delivery of the work
  • Work warranty treatment and removal of defects
  • Treatment of withdrawal
  • Protection against disproportionate sanctions
  • Consultation with a lawyer 60 minutes
  • Processing of the complete solution within 3 days
  • Recommendation of budget and other conditions of cooperation
  • Recommendations on related regulation
  • Recommendations to address other follow-up questions


Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money.

Deferred Payment

You can choose to pay after completion of services.

Preset Prices
All services pre-priced for no surprises.
We Do Everything Online
Save time, money and the hassle of travel.
We Work Fast
90 % of issues get solved by the following day.
Experienced Team
We have specialists for every field of law.

Who will be attending to you

Mgr. Marek Svobodný

13 years of experience

I like it when the transfer of the property goes well and a mutually beneficial contract can be agreed. On the other hand, I don’t like the various tricks that sometimes try to take advantage of the buyers’ ignorance.

JUDr. Marek Chlebik

10 years of experience

I continue to increase my level of knowledge in order to provide the most effective legal solutions for my clients. I like a friendly atmosphere and try not to escalate disputes if possible.

What we can do for you

We make it all simple, online, tailored to what you need and at a pre-determined price. We can handle most cases in as little as three working days. We have extensive experience in drafting and reviewing existing work contracts. We handle the manner of cooperation, delivery dates, warranties and penalties as well as resolving hidden defects after the work is completed.

With the money-back guarantee, you risk nothing. If you are not satisfied with our service, we will refund every last penny. You just need to choose which package suits you:

  • The Standard option is for those who want a clear, concise document and will settle for more concise terms for the delivery of the work. This service will be appreciated by:
    • freelancer,
    • craftsman,
    • copywriter,
    • marketing consultant,
    • webdesigner,
    • translator,
    • client who is preparing a renovation of an apartment or house, etc.
  • The Premium option is intended for more complex cases where detailed arrangements are needed for the delivery of the work, treatment of the phased payment of the price and other important delivery conditions. These are typically turnkey construction, software development or custom furniture manufacturing. This option will suit especially clients of developers or entrepreneurs.

Are you wondering what a well-written work contract must contain? Ondřej Preuss, the founder of Affordable Advocate, has addressed this topic in detail in an interview for MladýPodnikatel.cz.

You will appreciate this service if:

  • You’re a freelancer (e.g. copywriter, graphic designer, web designer, translator) who provides services to clients and you need to have everything covered by a contract.
  • You provide craft work to clients and you want to make sure that you are legally covered for all risks related to your business.
  • You are dealing with freelancers or craftsmen from the client’s position and you want to make sure that you get the work without any ambiguities and kinks.

How is the work contract processed?

  1. You will order the service online, from the comfort of your own home.
  2. The selected attorney will contact you and go over the details of the contract with you in detail to understand everything properly.
  3. The lawyer will then prepare a draft contract, which will be sent to you for review and possible comment.
  4. After incorporating your comments, you will receive a finalized text ready for signing with the client or service provider.

What have we already helped clients with?

We most often draft or review contracts for:

  • various craftsmen performing construction work (building, construction, reconstruction, modification),
  • externalists providing services to corporations,
  • software, program and application developers,
  • translators, copywriters, SEO analysts, web designers,
  • graphic and fashion designers.

We can also advise you on the appropriate legal form of agreement, such as a contract for future work.

Whether you are the client or the contractor, we make sure that you can easily avoid legal risks when creating your work.

An anonymous free downloadable model works agreement will not effectively protect you. The freely available templates are usually outdated (not prepared in accordance with the new Civil Code), full of errors, without the necessary formalities and also too general, i.e. they never cover everything your particular case needs. A badly drafted works contract takes its toll. Perhaps in the form of unpaid invoices or unrecognised claims.

On the other hand, a contract tailor-made by the experts will cover everything you need. We guarantee the correctness of all contracts according to the new Civil Code (NCC). Don’t wait until you are left with only withdrawal from the work contract or resolving the situation through the courts. Get advice now.

Reviews of the Dostupný advokát service

Recenze služby

Tomáš Hrdlička, Nové Strašecí

before 3 years

I felt very uncomfortable meeting an attorney in person. But Dostupný advokát managed to solve everything for me online. I bought a consultation because my employer had sent me for a long term business trip to an exotic country with no explanation, and I wanted to be sure what my rights in this situation were. (zobrazit více) The Skype consultation was very pleasant and the service was fast. I can fully recommend them.

Recenze služby

Jan Vrátný, Veselí nad Lužnicí

before 3 years

I work as a self-employed craftsman and I know my field very well. Unexpected events happen, however, and I sometimes have to deal with problems where I need quality legal advice. I don’t like calling legal offices, getting sucked into discussions with terms I don’t understand. Dostupnyadvokat.cz is different. My first time, they replied immediately (zobrazit více) and together we created a contract custom tailored to my exact needs. I continue to be very happy with both their work and their price.

Recenze služby

MgA. Anna Leschingerová, Cvikov

before 3 years

I had no idea that there was an online service that could arrange all your legal paperwork for you. I’m so glad I found your service! Using Dostupny Advokat gives me the time to enjoy with my family and loved ones, instead of hassling with legal issues I don’t fully grasp.

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How does Dostupný advokát Work?

Only a few clicks to solve your legal issues.


How does Dostupný advokát Work?

1. Send Your Order

Choose the service that works best for you. Pay immediately, or after completion of service. Discount for immediate payment.

2. Describe Your Problem

Describe your legal problem in a secure web environment. Attach any necessary documents or files.

3. Call Your Attorney

A specialist from our legal team will call you to speak about possible solutions.

4. Receive an Answer

A specialist from our legal team will email you with a solution, including all necessary paperwork.

When is this service not suitable?

Tailored Solution
We can help you solve any legal problem.

Are you facing a legal problem that you don’t know how to deal with and that doesn’t fit any of our services? Describe your situation to us and we will suggest the best way to solve it.

690 CZK

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Consultation with a lawyer
We can answer any legal question.

Are you dealing with a specific legal matter and want advice from an experienced lawyer? Send us your query with supporting documents and we will answer it within two days. We can also help you with other solutions to your situation if you wish.

4.700 CZK

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