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We inform about legal news from the world of real estate, family and labor law, SVJ or sole traders. We analyse the topics from the point of view of lawyers, but at the same time so that you understand them perfectly.

Solution of child support for minor children
7 minutes of reading

Child Support: The Most Common Questions

Lucie Petránková
20. 1. 2021

Child support raises many questions that we often encounter in our legal practice. What amount of child support can you ask for? What should you do if the other parent refuses to pay child support? And what about child support in the case of joint custody? We will answer all of these questions in this article. Read more

Purchase of an apartment in Foreclosure
8 minutes of reading

Purchase of an Apartment in Foreclosure: how to proceed and what to watch out for?

Ondřej Preuss
18. 12. 2020

Buying an apartment in foreclosure is a relatively complicated task, and a mistake can easily happen, which in some cases means the loss of property, or even the investment itself. It is common enough to see cases where the new owner lost the property due to incorrectly identified and treated foreclosures. For this reason, think primarily about your financial safety, and look to the help of an expert.
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Signing the documents needed for divorce
9 minutes of reading

What documents do you need for a divorce?

Lucie Petránková
14. 12. 2020

Divorce is a difficult situation, often complicated by confusion about what you need to end your marriage as easily and quickly as possible. What are the necessary documents for a divorce, and which application must you sumbit to a court in the cases of either a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce? You will learn all of these details in this article. Read more

Baby with father holding hands
9 minutes of reading

Establishing or Disestablishing Paternity. How to Do It?

Lucie Petránková
11. 12. 2020

The mother of the child is of course the woman who gave birth to this child. There is no doubt about it. However, the situation is legally more complicated with fathers. Read more

Successfully completed property donation
12 minutes of reading

Gifting real estate – how does it work and what should you prepare for?

Eva Braunová
16. 11. 2020

Making a gift of real estate raises a number of questions. How to make everything legally solid? When to add a lien to the contract, and what happens if the gift of real estate does not go as planned? We'll answer these questions and more in the following article. Read more

Abolition of real estate acquisition tax - what is changing in practice?
8 minutes of reading

Abolition of the Real estate acquisition tax — what is changing in practice?

Ondřej Preuss
9. 11. 2020

Boosting the real estate market and increasing home ownership are the main motives leading to the abolition of the real estate acquisition tax. We will summarize all major changes to the law in the following article.
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Podepisování smlouvy při prodeji domu
11 minutes of reading

Selling a house – what to look out for

Ondřej Preuss
6. 11. 2020

The sale of real estate is a process that involves a number of legal acts. Even a small mistake can cost you serious lost time, and worse, a lot of money. So what do you need to watch for so that you don't have to suffer these unpleasant consequences?
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New apartment building
13 minutes of reading

How the debt collection process works, point by point

Ondřej Preuss
26. 10. 2020

Do you have unpaid invoices on your desk? According to the company IPSOS, over 89% of entrepreneurs have faced a similar problem. One-fifth experienced a situation where their invoices were never paid at all.
Is your company in a similar situation? We will advise you how to recover your overdue receivables so that you get paid as quickly as possible. What is the procedure and what should you watch out for? We'll focus on all of this and more in today's article.
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New apartment building
12 minutes of reading

Selling an Apartment – Practical Advice

Ondřej Preuss
13. 10. 2020

For many of us, the sale of an apartment or other real estate is something we normally do only once in a lifetime. A such, we definitely don't want to risk the major inconveniences that could result from an incorrectly processed purchase contract, or the neglect of any additional legal requirements.
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mailboxes in an apartment building
2 minutes of reading

The court has allowed the Community Association to restrict short-term rentals

Ondřej Preuss
8. 10. 2020

According to a recent decision by the Municipal Court in Prague, Community Associations have the option to prohibit the rental of an apartment through services such as Airbnb in their statutes.
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