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Enforcement of invoices under Czech law

Woman calculating and writing above computer
6 minutes of reading
JUDr. Ondřej Preuss Ph.D.
24. 1. 2020

Unpaid invoices are a commonly occurring problem for self-employed professionals and small businesses. Several unpaid invoices (or sometimes even one) can endanger the continued operation of your business and lead to the accumulation of debt or even insolvency. How to prevent unpaid invoices and what to do if a customer fails to pay? Číst dále

How to challenge a dismissal from work before Czech courts

Sad man sitting on street with box full with work things
5 minutes of reading
JUDr. Ondřej Preuss Ph.D.
17. 1. 2020

Every employee may receive a notice of termination of his or her employment on a bad day. What can you ask for in such a case and what to do if you consider the notice to be unjustified? Číst dále

Termination of a rental agreement

men holding rental agreement and keys
6 minutes of reading
Tomáš Ochodek
28. 12. 2019

The parties to a rent agreement may not always agree on the peaceful termination of the contract. In such a case, one of the parties must proceed on its own and give notice to the other. However, the law lays down relatively strict rules for such cases. Číst dále

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