I want to dismiss an employee

We can help you lay off employees. Validly, permanently and unquestionably. Everything is solved with us in just two days, conveniently and online.

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9.500 CZKVAT included
  • We will suggest the most appropriate legally valid way to terminate the employment relationship
  • We will prepare the relevant documentation
  • Consultation with an attorney 30 minutes
  • Complete solution within a week




11.200 CZKVAT included
  • We will suggest the most appropriate legally valid way to terminate the employment relationship
  • We will prepare the relevant documentation
  • Consultation with an attorney 90 minutes
  • Processing of the complete solution within 48 hours


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I want to dismiss an employee

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JUDr. Marek Chlebik

10 years of experience

I continue to increase my level of knowledge in order to provide the most effective legal solutions for my clients. I like a friendly atmosphere and try not to escalate disputes if possible.

Mgr. Kristýna Knapešová

5 years of experience

I pride myself on clear and transparent communication. This way, the client always knows the status of the case, where the case is heading and what the next legal steps will be. The client’s expectations are much better.

Ondřej Preuss

JUDr. Ondřej Preuss, Ph.D.

12 years of experience

A few years ago, providing legal services online seemed like a utopia. But we believe that having easy access to a lawyer means an open path to justice.

Termination by the employer has its limitations

If an employer wants to terminate an employment relationship, the reason for the termination must always be clear. However, this can only be for the reasons set out in the Labour Code, otherwise the notice is invalid. The conduct of the employee that led to the termination must also be clearly defined.

With us, you can be sure that the notice you are about to give to an employee will comply with the Labour Code. We will inform you in advance of the consequences of doing so and protect your rights as an employer. We will assess the risks and the objective of the dismissal. We will then prepare the notice or immediate termination and give it to you for comment.

However, we can also help you prepare and finalize a termination agreement, which is usually more advantageous and certain.

Internet views can backfire

Don’t rely on free advice and downloadable sample statements on the internet. These days, giving someone notice of termination of employment is not as easy as it may seem.In some cases, notice alone is not enough and must be preceded by other steps. In the event of an invalid notice, the employee is entitled to replacement pay equal to their average earnings until their employer allows them to continue working. This can take (and often does take) many months, and one misstep can cost the employer hundreds of thousands of crowns.

That’s why you need to tailor a notice to your situation.

What have we already helped clients with?

We advise clients on all types of termination of employment, including termination of employment agreements or performance agreements. Everything is done quickly, discreetly and to your advantage. With us, you don’t have to worry about how to write and give notice.

For example, we have helped our clients with company branch closures and mass redundancies, or terminating the employment of a long-term troubled colleague.

However, our clients also include employees who we have helped to challenge a termination or summary dismissal and so we have the necessary experience of what to look out for.

Client Service Guarantees

The entire process remains entirely at your disposal and the design of the process can be modified at any stage. Even if we jointly agree to process a termination of employment or a termination agreement, any other course of action proposed by you at a later date is not precluded.

Why use the services of the Affordable Advocate?

  • Document is prepared by licensed attorneys– so you will be assured that it complies with the current law.
  • The quality we stand for – you will always be dealt with a specialist lawyer who understands the area and has prepared dozens of employment law documents.
  • We will eliminate all legal risks – we will warn you of all possible complications.
  • We will draft according to the specific requirements of the client.

Reviews of the Dostupný advokát service

Recenze služby

Lukáš Řezníček, Prague 6 – Bubeneč

before 3 years

I am giving both the website and service provided my very highest rating. Dostupný advokát found a hidden risk in my contract for the transfer of an apartment, which would have cost me tons of money.

Recenze služby

Ing. Jana Žáčková, Prague

before 3 years

My boyfriend and I had the lease contract for our first apartment checked by Dostupný advokát and were glad to learn about our rights, and all the steps we needed to take.

Recenze služby

Jan Sekanina, Prague

before 3 years

My grandparents wanted to give me an apartment, but I was extremely busy at the time and couldn’t afford to put any time into finding out what I needed to do. I also had no idea how to get the transfer of ownership handled at the Land Registry. Dostupný advokát arranged everything for me, and (zobrazit více) the apartment transfer was legally arranged with no issues. Thank you and thumbs up!

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How does Dostupný advokát Work?

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When is this service not suitable?

Tailored Solution
We can help you solve any legal problem.

Are you facing a legal problem that you don’t know how to deal with and that doesn’t fit any of our services? Describe your situation to us and we will suggest the best way to solve it.

690 CZK

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Consultation with a lawyer
We can answer any legal question.

Are you dealing with a specific legal matter and want advice from an experienced lawyer? Send us your query with supporting documents and we will answer it within two days. We can also help you with other solutions to your situation if you wish.

4.700 CZK

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