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About us

Why Dostupný advokát? Because we are an online service available to everyone!

Dostupný advokát began with a question: what if it were possible to provide legal service faster, more affordably and conveniently so that professional quality legal help could be available for everyone and in record time? Some of our colleagues ridiculed this vision, but we believed that using today’s technology could make it real. So in 2014 we launched our online legal service Dostupný advokát, and since then we have expanded our team, streamlined the process and helped thousands of clients. Read some testimonials here.

1000s of Successful Cases

100 + of New Clients Every Month

90 % of Cases Solved in 2 days

100% Annual Growth in Cases

Send us your legal request from Prague, London or New Zealand. You will get a response by the next business day.

Hundreds of clients ask us for legal help every month. We respond to their queries by the next day and we solve a large portion of cases within 48 hours. In the case of more complicated matters which require court hearings, we have an extremely high success rate. Our office includes specialists in every field of law.

All our clients, especially those who aren’t from Prague, appreciate the efficiency of our online legal services. Send us your request from anywhere in the world, 24 hours, and you’ll be treated the same as any client who walks into our local office. What’s more, our online services and often less expensive and more efficient timewise. This may be the reason why today we are the largest provider of online legal services in the Czech Republic.

Always Striving for New Innovation

All the members of our team are respected specialists in their field. They give legal lectures at our local university, they are invited to prestigious media events, and they actively participate in the continuing evolution of the legislative environment in the CZ. Besides our expertise, we focus on the growth of Dostupný advokát, providing our clients ever better services for a more convenient price.

For example, we created legal packages focused on specific services. These packages allow us to provide legal help fast and affordably, with the same high standard of quality: for example the Attorney’s Reply and Tailored Solution packages. We have also streamlined the ordering process and now offer special payment options like deferred payment. Finally, we keep a blog focused on local legal issues, and keep a Facebook page with interesting content for our Facebook fans.

We continuously strive to live up to our name and bring quality legal advocacy closer to ordinary people. After all, isn’t law and justice for everyone?

Our Team

Ondřej Preuss

Ondřej (JUDr. Preuss, Ph.D.) is the founding member of our team who originally came up with the idea of providing legal services online. He specializes in helping his clients with work-related issues, real estate transfers and intellectual property licenses. He enjoys writing both professional and layman’s articles relating to legal issues. He passes on his experience to his colleagues-to-be at the Faculty of Law in Charles University. In addition to Prague, he spent a year of studies in France. In his limited spare time he is a passionate player of Pétanque.

Lucie Petránková

Lucie (Mgr. Petránková) understands legal advocacy like no other. She passionately represents her clients’ interests both inside and outside the courtroom. She has won hundreds of disputes. Her focus is real estate transfers and their smooth and accurate processing. She is known for her precision, and in her free time she is keen on sport shooting.

Eva Braunová

Eva (JUDr. Braunová) has been practicing law since 2010, and throughout this time she has gained vast experience in many fields of law. She can help you with all questions related to Civil, Commercial and Criminal Law and in addition some issues of Labor Law as well. She studied at Charles University in Prague, and also at the Spanish University in Cáceres, Extremadura. She can assist clients both in English and Spanish. She loves sports, especially running, and she also enjoys travelling.

Marek Svobodný

Marek (Mgr. Svobodný) drafts and reviews contracts and handles court disputes, and enjoys winning seemingly unsolvable cases. He studied at the Faculty of Law at Palackého University in Olomouc.

He is fond of travelling, reading and spending time anywhere outside in the fresh air.

Tomáš Ochodek

Tomáš (Mgr. Ochodek) works as a junior attorney in Dostupný advokát. He studied law at Charles University in Prague and spent a year of his studies in Leuven in Belgium. He is working on his PhD at the Faculty of Law at Charles University. He enjoys going cycling and playing tennis in his free time.

Jirka Chomát

Jirka (Chomát) is the marketing and strategic guru of our team. After many years of work for Seznam.cz, Mall.cz and other major e-commerce companies, he made a change and became a freelancer. Now working with us, in his free time he is interested in male fashion and lifestyle, and is an enthusiastic photographer.


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