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How Does Dostupný advokát Work?

Our team of experienced lawyers will help you with every type of legal issue.

We solve most cases online within two days for a fixed price. Of course, we are happy to meet you in our Prague office, and we’ll represent you in court if necessary as well.

Although we try to offer the same low prices for our high quality services to all our clients, services provided in English are often a bit more expensive than similar services available in Czech, for several important reasons. Work in the English language is often more complicated and demanding for our attorneys, requiring professional court-legal translations, international elements such as foreign citizenship documents, stays abroad, etc.

Here’s How our Service Works

How can Dostupný advokát work for you?

Send Us Your Order

On our services page, find the package which best fits your needs. You can pay immediately for a discount, or after receiving your service.

Three options are available:

  1. Choose one of our comprehensive legal packages for a fixed price.
  2. Email us and get an answer from one of our legal specialists within 2 days.
  3. For complex issues, call us and we will prepare a proposal for a solution within two days.

Describe Your Problem

All communication with our attorneys goes through our secure web portal.

When registering your account, you’ll complete a simple questionnaire which will lead you through the process. You can describe your problem in detail at this time. You can also upload any important documentation related to your case.

Call Your Attorney

After submitting your case, at attorney who specializes in your situation will call you by the next working day to speak with you about a potential solution. This phone call usually takes between 15—45 minutes depending on the legal service you chose.

Receive an Answer

will review your case, including all submitted documentation, and will propose a solution for you by email. This will include all forms and contracts necessary to solve your case.

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