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JUDr. Ondřej Preuss, Ph.D. and his team will help you with any legal challenge.

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    Our Office in the Center of Prague

    We have opened an office for you located on V Jámě 699/1, Praha 1 on the 5th floor — view on map — 2 minutes walk from Wenceslas Square or Mustek metro station. We can arrange an appointment and meet you there to discuss your situation. However, there is no need to meet in person, we can help you anywhere online if you prefer.

    V Jámě 699/1
    Praha 1

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    We can also meet remotely via video call

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    Respected experts working for you

    Our team members are respected specialists in their respective fields. They lecture on law at university, are invited as experts to prestigious media and contribute to the cultivation of the legislative environment in the Czech Republic.

    Ondřej Preuss Ondřej Preuss

    JUDr. Ondřej Preuss, Ph.D.

    12 years of experience

    A few years ago, providing legal services online seemed like a utopia. But we believe that having easy access to a lawyer means an open path to justice.

    221103_dostupny-advokat_047 221103_dostupny-advokat_047

    Mgr. Kristýna Knapešová

    5 years of experience

    I pride myself on clear and transparent communication. This way, the client always knows the status of the case, where the case is heading and what the next legal steps will be. The client’s expectations are much better.

    221103_dostupny-advokat_071 221103_dostupny-advokat_071

    Mgr. Marek Svobodný

    13 years of experience

    I like it when the transfer of the property goes well and a mutually beneficial contract can be agreed. On the other hand, I don’t like the various tricks that sometimes try to take advantage of the buyers’ ignorance.

    221103_dostupny-advokat_063 221103_dostupny-advokat_063

    Mgr. Lucie Petránková

    11 years of experience

    According to the law, a contract is supposed to reflect the will of the contracting parties. We are here to make it simple, easy to understand, and to ensure that everything goes smoothly without unnecessary hassles.

    221103_dostupny-advokat_074 221103_dostupny-advokat_074

    JUDr. Marek Chlebik

    10 years of experience

    I continue to increase my level of knowledge in order to provide the most effective legal solutions for my clients. I like a friendly atmosphere and try not to escalate disputes if possible.

    221103_dostupny-advokat_017 221103_dostupny-advokat_017

    Ing. Lucie Klostermannová

    5 years of experience

    I like to keep my files in order and I like to communicate with people, which is why I enjoy working as an assistant. My colleagues and our clients appreciate that I am always on hand when they need me. I don’t like to put anything off.

    221103_dostupny-advokat_098 221103_dostupny-advokat_098

    Jirka Chomát

    20 years of experience

    I have been working with my colleagues for a long time, although I am not an attorney, on the strategic development of the project and on marketing. Over the several years of working together, we have gradually become a market leader.

    Nikola Šedová Nikola Šedová

    Mgr. Nikola Šedová

    16 years of experience

    Laws are usually written in a complicated way and it is almost impossible for a layman to understand them. I try to retell them on our blog so that everyone can find their way around.

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    Dostupný advokát s.r.o.

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    IČO (company registration number): 09788336

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    ID data box: 43rg7hp

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