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mujRozhlas: Co-ownership: rights, challenges and solutions

Ondřej Preuss was a guest on Czech Radio's Káva o čtvrtě programme on Dvojka - the topic was the problems, advantages and disadvantages of co-ownership of anything.

View the full article on Revolution in content creation: AI turns us into filmmakers even without a camera

"Artificial intelligence is mastering new stunts month after month. With its help, articles, poems, pictures, videos, both regular and so-called deep fake, are already being created. And it's the newly introduced 'film' footage made with just a few sentences of input that is causing the latest stir."

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ČT: Reportage “Child on the advert” in the programme 168 hours

"I'm pregnant and I can't keep the child, I'm looking for parents for it..." How does arranging an adoption through advertisements work, can the authorities be left out of it and how does our legal system view this procedure? Ondřej Preuss, founder of the Affordable Advocate, gives a legal perspective on the whole matter. The report can be found in the 27th minute of the programme.

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iDNES: Fremr should have been a sure thing, says lawyer Preuss. Now there’s talk of nominating Pavel Uhl

Robert Fremr has announced his withdrawal from the Constitutional Court. He did so "under indiscriminate pressure from some media" for sentences imposed before the revolution, as he commented on the situation.

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E15: Holidays abroad with a child: do you need the other parent’s consent?

When travelling abroad, each person - even children - must have their own passport. When travelling within the European Union, an ID card is sufficient. Does one parent have to agree to a holiday abroad with the other parent?

Read the full article on E15 Dirt, little food and accidents at summer camp

Dirt, lack of food, unfriendly camp counselors, or an accident can ruin a summer camp for both the child and their parents. However, many things can be dealt with before departure, some during camp, or after camp is over.

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iDNES: We are cancelling your job. What to watch out for if you get fired, advises a lawyer

Under the Labour Code, there are not many possibilities for employees to receive notice from their employer. One option is termination for organisational reasons. What to look out for when you receive such a notice. What are you entitled to?

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Aktuálně.cz: The Labour Code is fundamentally changing after many years. Improvements for employees, changes for companies

"Employers will also be subject to greater demands in that they must set their employees' working time schedules in advance, at least three days in advance. This should lead to greater predictability of work for employees. In practice, however, this is likely to result in administrative burdens and reduced flexibility in a variety of less formal relationships," says lawyer Ondřej Preuss.

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iDNES: What you deserve for working overtime, advises lawyer Ondřej Preuss

Working overtime is becoming the norm in some companies. But what if it doesn't show up on your paycheck at all or if the overtime is just a few extra crowns? How to defend yourself?

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