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Solutions Tailored for You

Are you dealing with a legal issue which is beyond your ability to solve, but it doesn't fall within any of our offered packages? Not to worry. We will evaluate your problem and propose a package of legal services to solve your issue. If you decide to order with us, the proposal (690 CZK) is free of charge.

We have a specialist for every field of law, so you will always get the exact help you need.

When Is this Service for You?

  • None of our legal packages matches your needs.
  • Your case is confusing and you are not able to fit your problem in the text field on the Reply from an Attorney page.
  • Your case involves a complex legal issue and its solution will require the vigorous intervention of an experienced lawyer.
  • You would like to find out how much a professional legal solution for your case would cost.
  • Such issues are usually suits, property settlements, debt solutions, child support or labor relations.
690 CZK VAT included
  • Get help with your legal problem
  • All proposals include a fixed price
  • Receive proposal within 24 hours
  • Order service and get your 690 CZK fee returned!

View a sample proposal (PDF)

Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money.

Preset Prices
All services pre-priced for no surprises.
We Do Everything Online
Save time, money and the hassle of travel.
We Work Fast
90 % of issues get solved by the following day.
Experienced Team
We have specialists for every field of law.

How Exactly Does This Service Work?

Our Request for a Tailored Solution is a service which offers a fast and affordable situation analysis, with a full proposal for a solution including a fixed-price quote.

The procedure is very simple. All you need to do is register with our website, fill out a short questionnaire and upload all documentation related to your issue. Our attorney will call you to ask for any additional information. (Approximately 5 – 15 min).

We will send you a proposal on how to solve your legal matter within 24 hours. The proposal will include the full price of all necessary legal services to finish the case successfully.

Of course, if you choose to work with us the initial 690 CZK quote will be refunded.

Common Legal Issues We Can Help You Solve:

  • Suits against individuals or the state
  • Legal issues at work or business
  • Liability for damages
  • All property transactions (tangibles, share and stock transfers)
  • All forms of representation in court, including divorces, alimony disputes and others

Have You Not Chosen from Any of Our Legal Packages?

Does your Problem Fit One of These Packages?

Our packages cover a variety of situations with always suggest the most appropriate solution.

Your Problem Is More Complicated

If your issue is more complicated, or you are not sure where the problem actually lies, use our Tailored Solution service for 690 CZK. If you order a legal package with us, the evaluation is free of charge.

Who Will Take Care of You?

JUDr. Ondřej Preuss, Ph.D.

9 years of experience

It was just a few years ago when having a legal service online seemed impossible. Some even ridiculed the idea. But we believe having easy access to an attorney means an opportunity for law and justice for everyone. More about him on his profile.

Mgr. Marek Svobodný

12 years of experience

I enjoy handling complicated cases, however, even simple tasks can really lift my day. The feeling that I have really helped my client is really fulfilling. More about him on his profile.

Check Out Some Recent Client Testimonials

I needed only a one-time consultation and I was very happy with it. I got feedback on a contract which needed review, and I got a full written record of the consultation. All of this by the next day after my order.

Ing. Lucie Proroková, Ostrava

Thank you for the fast and accurate advice. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about the benefit of [Dostupný Advokát] at first. However, now I am glad I used your service and I know exactly who to turn to for advice next time.

Michal Vrátný, Praha

I appreciate how fast and efficient you are with my legal projects. Using your service I save a lot of time, worry and frustration.

MDDr. Pavla Kramolišová, Nový Jičín

How does Dostupný advokát Work?

Only a few clicks to solve your legal issues.


Send Your Order

Choose the service that works best for you. Pay immediately, or after completion of service. Discount for immediate payment.


Describe Your Problem

Describe your legal problem in a secure web environment. Attach any necessary documents or files.


Call Your Attorney

A specialist from our legal team will call you to speak about possible solutions.

Receive an Answer

A specialist from our legal team will email you with a solution, including all necessary paperwork.

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