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Mentions in the media

They wrote about us elsewhere, or how the Dostupný advokát helps people.

Ihned.cz: Sales records will not be struck down by the Constitutional Court

Is revenue registration unconstitutional? The Available Advocate also commented on this question.

View the full article on iHned.cz

Idnes.cz: The use of cameras in apartment buildings is punishable by a fine of up to five million crowns

An available attorney commented on the possibility of placing cameras on apartment buildings.

Read the article on Bydleni.idnes.cz

Novinky.cz: Landlord must pay tenant interest on apartment deposit

The Novinky.cz portal published an article with our opinion on the issue of interest on the deposit for an apartment.

View full text at Novinky.cz

E15: Lawyers are moving online

Ondřej Preuss spoke to E15 about how advocacy is done on the internet.

Read the full article on E15

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