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Reflex: Software instead of a lawyer. Is the demise of the legal profession on the horizon?

"A lot of the intellectual work will supposedly be taken over by machines. Are we really on the verge of the extinction of the legal profession?

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iDNES: I broke my leg on the way to the post office. Is it a work accident?

First of all, the employer must compensate the employee who has suffered an accident at work for the loss of earnings while unable to work.

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Tyinternets: the accessible advocate as a marketer’s guide

Read what Jiří Chomát has written about the project.

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Technet iDNES: among interesting websites

Even though most of us would not like to use his services, it is sometimes unavoidable. We're talking about lawyers.

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iDNES: Labour law test

Do you know when an employer can order overtime and whether they are obliged to pay us for all overtime hours?

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Primo: Your car was towed away while cleaning the roads

When the cleaning is complete, the car should be returned to its original location, says attorney Ondřej Preuss.

Read the article on No more stress at work? The Code will bring a new obligation for employers

"I assume there would be an option to report a stressful situation and instructions on how to deal with it, who to approach within the company," Ondřej Preuss says.

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Reflex: The Novák case: what makes a judge? At least it’s not a campaign like in the U.S

Judges are now considered a more important and autonomous body even in our European classical legal culture. They are the instrument of how the law and its value content speaks to the people.

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