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Are you buying or selling an apartment, house or garden? You do not know how to rent? Are you applying for a mortgage? How does the pre-emption right work in practice? We will advise you and always stand up for you. Good present advice will save you trouble and your wallet in the future.

Jak získat výpis z katastru?
5 minutes of reading

How to Obtain an Extract from the Land Register

Ondřej Preuss
18. 12. 2021

Are you buying a property and are about to sign the purchase agreement? Consult the Land Register beforehand and avoid the bitter disappointment of many new owners who were too late to find out that their new property is burdened with a lien or easement. Read more

Nájemníci přebírají klíče od svého nového bytu
9 minutes of reading

What Are the Tenant’s and Landlord’s Rights and Obligations?

Ondřej Preuss
11. 12. 2021

You’ve signed a lease but now you’re not sure if you can completely understand everything to which you’ve bound yourself. In this article, we’ll offer advice on keeping a pet in the flat or accepting visitors despite the fact that your contract doesn’t allow for this. We’ll also explain what repairs in the flat should be paid for by which party and what steps to take if there’s damage done. Read more

Daň z příjmu z prodeje nemovitosti – jak ji přiznat a správně postupovat?
5 minutes of reading

Real Estate Sale Income Tax – How to File It Properly

Ondřej Preuss
8. 12. 2021

Have you sold a property and handed its possession over to the new owner? Then you are under one last obligation – to pay the tax. Read on to learn where and how to go about it. Read more

Jak bez neshod a komplikací s pronajímatelem ukončit nájem?
7 minutes of reading

How to Terminate a Lease without a Dispute with the Landlord

Ondřej Preuss
6. 12. 2021

Are you a tenant in need of terminating a lease? If you can’t reach an agreement with the landlord, you’re allowed to terminate the lease upon notice. Does your contract incorporate this possibility? How long will the period of notice be? Are you required to state the reasons for the notice? Or, are you a landlord at your wits’ end, because your tenants aren’t paying the rent and refuse to move out? How to draft a commercial premises lease? We’ll do our best to answer these questions and spare you the all-too-common running battle often associated with terminating a lease. Read more

Daňové povinnosti při převodu nemovitosti
5 minutes of reading

Taxes on Property Transfer

Ondřej Preuss
4. 12. 2021

It might seem that with the real estate acquisition tax abolished, the purchase or sale of a home is exempt. Quite to the contrary, we do need to keep the taxes in mind. Which ones concern the seller and which ones must the buyer file? Read on to find out. Read more

ruka s perem v ruce ukazuje na katastrální mapu
10 minutes of reading

How to register property at the Land Register

Ondřej Preuss
1. 12. 2021

You’ve got the contract of purchase, but still haven’t become the owner. You’re about to apply for registering your property at the Land Register. Common registration of property rights or easement usually doesn’t appear tricky, but there are a few basic rules you should know to make the process smooth. Let’s have a look at them. Read more

Rekonstrukce bytu, která byla reklamována
9 minutes of reading

How to Properly File a Complaint for Faulty Property Construction or Reconstruction

Ondřej Preuss
1. 12. 2021

Your initial excitement about completing a construction or reconstruction has been swiftly replaced by disappointment – the results don’t match even your lowest expectations. We offer advice on your rights, how to lodge a claim properly and what to be aware of next time. Read more

Prodej nemovitosti bez realitky – jak postupovat a na co si dát pozor
8 minutes of reading

Selling Property without an Agent – How to Proceed and What to Bear in Mind

Ondřej Preuss
22. 11. 2021

​​Selling a flat or house isn’t exactly a piece of cake – at least that’s what real estate agents claim. Naturally, they don’t recommend selling the property yourself for obvious reasons. But is it really that hard? Whether you wish to sell property without an agent to avoid the brokerage fee or simply because you don’t trust them, we’ll advise you how to go about it, what to be aware of and when to seek legal assistance. Read more

Vše o nájmu aneb jak napsat nájemní smlouvu
9 minutes of reading

Everything about the Lease – How to Draft a Good Lease Agreement

Ondřej Preuss
17. 11. 2021

Are you planning to rent a flat? Do you own a building to rent out? Would you like to to rent out a freehold flat? Whether you are a tenant or landlord, in this article you will find everything a good lease agreement should include to prevent disputes or misunderstandings that could otherwise easily lead to a legal dispute. We will also touch on the leasing of commercial premises, cottages, land, garages or vehicles. Read more

Hypotéka, nebo nájem? Jaký způsob financování zvolit?
5 minutes of reading

To Buy or Rent? What Kind of Financing is Best?

Ondřej Preuss
18. 8. 2021

To buy or rent? Many young people ask the same question, but the answer isn’t really simple. It not only depends on what’s currently within your range of possibilities, but also on your preferences and plans for the future. What are the ups and downs of each? And what about rent-to-own? Read more


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