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They wrote about us elsewhere, or how the Dostupný advokát helps people.

Young entrepreneur – video interview: how to do advocacy on the Internet?

From the video interview we filmed with the founder of the Young Entrepreneur portal, Jiří Rostecki, you will learn "what is it like to be a pioneer of online advocacy and what do Internet entrepreneurs underestimate from a legal point of view?"

Watch the interview on MladyPodnikatel.cz

We inspire e-commerce

We are very pleased that our online advocacy project is among the eleven projects that are competing for the favour of the expert jury in the Crystal Lupa competition.

View the results of the Crystal Lupa 2016 competition

Touch: Affordable advocacy is not only financially accessible, but mainly online

Lawyers and solicitors are not something that is easily dealt with purely online. But times are changing and even advocacy cannot avoid the internet and the cloud.

View the full article on Dotyk.cz

iDNES: Barbecue on the balcony. When the smell of meat turns into a hateful stench

Complaints about apartment owners or tenants who pollute their neighborhoods with smoke from barbecues are on the rise. However, the number of unjustified denunciations is also increasing.

Attorney Ondřej Preuss from the website dostupnyadvokat.cz advises how to resolve these neighbour disputes and what the law says.

Ihned.cz: All members of a housing cooperative must vote on the bylaws, court rules

The Municipal Court in Prague annulled the first statutes of the housing cooperative because they were not approved by all members.

Read the article on Legal Advisor

We presented at MashUP

The Impact Hub in Prague recently hosted another installment of MashUp - an event where you can always hear new inspiring projects and startups. It is a format of very short lectures, where the speaker has a space with 10 slides and 200 seconds of "time" to engage the audience with their idea or story.

Reflex: Software instead of a lawyer. Is the demise of the legal profession on the horizon?

"A lot of the intellectual work will supposedly be taken over by machines. Are we really on the verge of the extinction of the legal profession?

Read the article on Reflex.cz

iDNES: I broke my leg on the way to the post office. Is it a work accident?

First of all, the employer must compensate the employee who has suffered an accident at work for the loss of earnings while unable to work.

Read the article on Finance.idnes.cz

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