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iDNES: What are the advantages and disadvantages of a fixed-term employment contract

Are you at risk of being fired from your job, or has your employer already started making redundancies and a new job opportunity is only available on a fixed-term contract?

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E15: Employers can turn down the heat. Minimum workplace temperature has changed

Since October this year, new rules have been in force for determining the minimum temperature in the workplace. These are designed to help employers save energy on heating.

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Practical advice from an attorney that comes in handy when giving a deposition

Unemployment is still low and the hunger for professionals is relatively high. Finding a better-paid job can also be a solution to improve your household budget. Lawyer Ondřej Preuss explains how to proceed when resigning from your current job so that everything goes smoothly and without any problems.

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Courts must take into account parent’s work shifts when deciding on child custody

When a marriage is dissolved, the issue of custody of minor children must be resolved first. The court then either approves the agreement of both parents or decides the matter itself.

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Czech Buildings: how to secure housing in a donated property?

Many parents want to give their children a house or apartment during their lifetime, but often this is the only property they want to continue to live in with dignity. This situation is easily resolved by including a so-called donor's survivorship easement or real burden in the gift agreement itself. How does everything work in practice and what is the difference compared to an ordinary lease?

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Aktuálně.cz: When the temperature is around 30 degrees, people’s performance drops sharply. Do you know what you are entitled to at work?

Working in the heat is definitely not pleasant. Performance and concentration are reduced and health problems can occur. Ondřej Preuss explains what employers must provide for people in extreme weather and when it is possible to reduce working hours.

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Aktuálně.cz: One third less than in the ads. Burger King faces lawsuit over portion size

Burger King has been facing a class action lawsuit in the US since the end of March. It claims the company committed deceptive advertising by depicting food up to a third larger than it actually is. The plaintiffs are seeking financial compensation and a remedy for the deceptive conduct. Similar lawsuits are appearing in the Czech Republic, says lawyer Ondřej Preuss.

View the full article on Why is the reservation contract the most important when buying a property.

Interest in real estate has been growing in recent years, and it is therefore not uncommon for ordinary mortals to make mistakes when buying. This is confirmed by Ondřej Preuss, the founder of the Dostupný advokát service. Complications often arise at the very beginning of transactions - by hastily signing a reservation contract.

View the full article on Questions and answers about the affidavit to covid

Currently, all you need to visit services such as hairdressers, restaurants or fitness centres is either an official certificate of testing for covid 19 or an affidavit of a negative antigen test result that you have done yourself at home. What must such an affidavit contain?

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