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They wrote about us elsewhere, or how the Dostupný advokát helps people.

Czech Television: State of emergency – what will it mean?

The coronavirus in the Czech Republic has caused a direct explosion in the frequency of the use of the word "unconstitutional" in the public space... what about the state of emergency in this regard?

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Seznam.cz: Fired under pressure. What the free lawyers dealt with during the coronavirus

Difficulties in employment and business, especially those associated with renting premises. These are the most common problems that the free legal advice centres helped to solve during the spring. We bring you the most interesting stories.

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Czech TV: Safe Countries Semaphore and travel agencies

The government has approved a system to designate countries safe for travel. How will this affect tours prepared by travel agents?

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iDNES: She paid for her trip, her boss wouldn’t let her go on vacation. What to do?

If a company has an internal system for booking holidays, the employer should not violate it.

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Available lawyer in Czech Radio

Ondřej Preuss, the founder of the service Dostupnyadvokat.cz, also commented on the topic of increasing court fees in the Radiofórum programme.

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Debt counseling: Consumer credit provider must check your creditworthiness

The second part of our new legal series on debts, foreclosures and insolvency was published on Lidovky.cz.

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LN: Debt counselling: Solve repayment problems early

Lidovky.cz has published the first part of our new legal series on debts, foreclosures and insolvency.

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Interview: there is a misconception among borrowers that they are entitled to a repayment plan, says Preuss

The founder of the service Dostupnyadvokat.cz gave an interview to Lidové noviny and Lidovky.cz about the functioning of our service and also about the topic of the new series of articles for LN.

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Blesk.cz: Vulgar SMS as an offence?

An available attorney commented for Blesk.cz on the issue of possible misconduct in inappropriate behavior or communication.

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