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They wrote about us elsewhere, or how the Dostupný advokát helps people.

iDNES: Why set up a private data box?

Data boxes are not only for companies and entrepreneurs, anyone can set them up. And then conveniently communicate with the authorities via the Internet. However, beware of the rules that ownership of a data box entails.

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iDNES: I have to go. How can I quit my job quickly and efficiently?

The agreement is the simplest means of terminating the employment relationship. However, beware of the term "termination by agreement".

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Ihned.cz: How to find hidden defects in real estate?

"We are experiencing a boom in the real estate market and the number of property transfers is swelling like porridge from a fairy tale mug. Often, however, someone finds themselves in this "porridge", so to speak.

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Aktualne.cz: Don’t you live in Prague? Doesn’t matter. We can arrange a parking card for blue zones for you, offers a company from Cyprus

"Simply put, someone would have to go to the trouble of proving the false and purposeful claims made by the owners of such cards. And that would be very difficult," says attorney Ondřej Preuss.

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iDNES: When does your boss have to reimburse you for travel to work and to see a client?

Travel allowances are, of course, always due to the employee for a business trip.
But travel expenses are also due if you are travelling within the place of work (e.g. the Czech Republic) but leave your regular place of work.

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List: unconstitutionality of the “Lex Babiš” law

Ondřej Preuss commented for Seznam news on the topic of the so-called Lex Babiš.

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iDNES: My employer owes me money, what can I legally do?

An available attorney has again commented for iDNES.cz on the topic of labor law.

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