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They wrote about us elsewhere, or how the Dostupný advokát helps people.

Blesk.cz: Vulgar SMS as an offence?

An available attorney commented for Blesk.cz on the issue of possible misconduct in inappropriate behavior or communication.

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Podnikatel.cz: News on cookies on the web: Should website operators be afraid of new obligations?

For Podnikatel.cz we commented on the recent decision of the Court of Justice and what it means for the operators of websites that use cookies.

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Aktuálně.cz: We do not calculate bills, you have to pay them together. An illegal scam is spreading in the Czech Republic

Some restaurants now refuse to allocate the bill to the individual diners at the table. They say it's extra work for them. But do they have the right to do that?

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Czech TV: Constitutional Court rejects complaint by H-System clients

In 2018, the Supreme Court issued a decision that will force some of H-System's former clients to move out. Last week, the Constitutional Court rejected the constitutional complaint of these clients.

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Lidove noviny: You can also claim the loss of the joy of your holiday. Take a picture of all the shortcomings

A free trip instead of the promised sea view? Travel companies offer various compensations, but the customer has the right to demand what the contract says, lawyers advise.

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Aktualne.cz: Heat at work: when working hours must be shortened and who gets the obligatory beer from the boss

By law, companies must compensate employees for working in more demanding conditions. However, employers tend to forget many of the measures to which people are entitled.

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Novinky.cz: The scumbags got tougher. They threaten to dismantle the electricity meter

The convoluted story of the fraudulent offer, at the end of which was a threat to dismantle the meter, began with a telephone conversation and a seemingly innocuous statement.

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Aktualne.cz: The company is not doing well, the payout is slowing down. The authorities can help with money, what are people entitled to?

Hundreds of companies go bankrupt every year in the Czech Republic, others then go into insolvency and transfer their problems to suppliers or employees.

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Lidove noviny: Voluntary DNA testing helps investigate crimes. Companies have been collecting data for centuries

Last spring, American police officers succeeded in tracking down a serial killer who killed his last victim 40 years ago. Although investigators obtained the criminal's DNA immediately after the murders, they found no match in their databases. The case was filed away in the unsolved column for years.

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