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How to Get an Extract from the Czech Business Register

Are you establishing a partnership with another company and wish to run a quick background check on them? Are you creating a bank account for your own business? In these and other cases, you’ll need an extract from the Czech business register. Where to obtain it, when its online version suffices and when its official version is required; these are the topics covered in today’s article.

Složky s papíry obsahující informace z výpisu z obchodního rejstříku
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Business register

Also known as the Companies Register, this is a public list containing those data on most legal and some natural persons that are required by law. Each entrepreneur or other subject has their own folder. In addition, the register also includes a collection of, again, those documents belonging to the subjects that are required by law.

What information does the online version offer??

  • When you run a search, first you’ll see the date of registration, reference number, the company name, headquarters and identification number, the legal form and subject of business.
  • The next part offers information on the statutory body: the number of its members and the data on the executives – their name, date of birth and permanent residence as of the day they took up and vacated their position.
  • The last part provides information about the associates, shares, capital stock and whether or not equity certificates have been issued

You can search the register online with the possibility to print the full extract.

Online search of the business register

An online register administered by the Czech Ministry of Justice can be found at Justice.cz. Simply enter the subject’s name, identification or reference number to view, download or print all details for free and without the need to register.

Online náhled do rejstříku
An online view of the register

Current versus full extract

Two extract versions are available: the currently valid and full. In the former case, you only receive information valid on the day of your search of the Companies Register; the latter lists all data including those that were entered into the register in the past, enabling you to find headquarters relocations, past bodies and (co)owners.

To gain a better understanding, look at the full extract of the ČEZ corporation below – you can view it in full on the Companies Register website. An interesting detail: you’d have 77 pages to study.

Platný a úplný výpis nabízí rozdílné pohledy
The current and full extracts offer a different view

We’ll prepare the required documents and assist you with registering

Do you need to prepare the documents for registering your business? Would you like to know how to register some changes? We’ll be happy to help, so that everything gets done smoothly and properly.

Extract from the business register

The online search of the Companies Register serves only to check a company’s background, to obtain some basic data about it, or to see whether your own registration has been successful. The extract printed from the website is purely informational and may not be used in any official way. For official applications, a certified extract is required.

If its electronic form suffices, simply download a PDF from the Justice.cz website, or have it sent to your data box. The file includes an electronic mark certifying its authenticity as long as the document remains in the digital form.

Keep track of the business register, as it changes over time. You too may have some information deleted from it.

Výpis z obchodního rejstříku je velmi užitečný dokument
An extract from the business register is a useful document

Where to obtain a certified written extract

Do you need an official printed extract from the Companies Register? Then visit a registration court or your local Czech POINT branch. If you aren’t pressed for time, order a certified copy on the Czech POINT website and have it conveniently sent to you. The standard delivery time is about 3 work days. Any person may apply for an extract from the Companies Register, i.e., you don’t have to be a company owner or employee. Moreover, it’s possible to apply anonymously.

In what situations do you need a certified extract? For example, when you’re creating a business account for your company. You can also provide the original extract that you received upon registering your business; some banks will download the extract themselves. However, keep in mind that banks may require an extract no older than 3 months. The cost of a certified printed extract depends on its length: The first page amounts to 100 CZK, and each additional one is 50 CZK.

Avoid mistakes and fulfil your duties

Are you launching a business, registering a company in the business register, or changing some data recorded therein? We’ll gladly help with the preparation and registration, so that no legal problems arise. We’ll tailor everything to your needs, online and for a fixed price. We handle most cases within two working days.

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