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Lidove noviny: Voluntary DNA testing helps investigate crimes. Companies have been collecting data for centuries

Last spring, American police officers succeeded in tracking down a serial killer who killed his last victim 40 years ago. Although investigators obtained the criminal's DNA immediately after the murders, they found no match in their databases. The case was filed away in the unsolved column for years.

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Czech TV: Serious lift accidents

Many lifts across the country are not in the best condition. If you are injured in such an elevator, you can also seek compensation here. And that's even if it's a ripped garment.

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Lidové noviny: Who controls the real Most? The housing cooperative limited the number of delegates and crashed in court

The Krušnohor Housing Cooperative, based in Most, is the largest cooperative of this type in the Czech Republic. The colossus, which manages nearly 22,000 housing units, crashed into the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem in early January.

Read the article on Drugs, aggression, threats. What can you get fired for an hour?

"We deal with terminations for breach of work discipline quite often. Smaller employers in particular make mistakes in their termination notices and the court then revokes them," says Ondřej Preuss.

Read the article on Aktuálně.cz The renting of flats is to change. The first proposal is already on the table

The Ministry of Industry is coming up with a new rental regulation. The reason for this is to act against poverty merchants.

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Lidove noviny: the level of testimony is usually low

Employees are afraid to invest in a lawyer, but they often lose out on the larger sums they would otherwise receive in severance pay, says our attorney Ondřej Preuss in an interview for Lidové Noviny.

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Czech TV: Demonstrators demand PM’s apology

Demonstrators against Andrej Babiš are demanding an apology from the Prime Minister for saying they were bribed.

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Czech TV: Compensation recovery on airlines

If your flight is delayed, it is possible to claim compensation from the airlines, but this is very time-consuming.

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Czech TV: How to get compensation for a delayed flight

With the start of the holiday season, the number of delayed flights also increases. Such waiting at the airport can often be very uncomfortable, especially when it extends to delays of more than 24 hours.

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