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They wrote about us elsewhere, or how the Dostupný advokát helps people. Lawsuits against members of SVJ committees are ripping the bag

Often, members of the committees of unit owners' associations or housing cooperatives only take office because no one else wants to do it. And often they don't even know that they are voluntarily putting their heads in a noose.

Read the article on Threat to seniors – gifting property to children may not be worthwhile

To avoid inheritance proceedings, many people give their property to their children or grandchildren during their lifetime. If this involves a property in which they still live, it can make a peaceful old age very difficult.

View full text at Pre-emption right applies from January

If you own part of the property, then beware. Since the beginning of the year, the rules have changed if you want to sell your share. The pre-emption right has returned to the Civil Code.

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iDNES: Groundbreaking court decision – paid holidays for self-employed workers

The right to paid leave also applies to self-employed workers, the EU Court of Justice has ruled, as long as they work for a particular company for a regular monthly fee. From the perspective of Czech law, this is mostly a so-called "shvarcsystem".

Read the article on Renting flats illegally is a dance on thin ice

If you rent an apartment, you must pay tax on the rent. However, there are those who do not pay anything and have not even concluded a contract with the tenant. But this can lead to a big problem, both for the tenant and the landlord.

View the full article on Constitutional judges’ opinion on EET is a raised finger

The Constitutional Court annulled some passages of the Electronic Sales Records Act.

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E15: Even a government without confidence can get a lot of things through

President Zeman has appointed a new government headed by Andrej Babiš. It has 30 days, like any other, to gain the confidence of the House of Commons.

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iDNES: He didn’t get any thanks for the donated house, so he asked for compensation

Can you take back a gift you give to someone? And we don't mean candy, but land or property. The law also provides for the revocation of a gift agreement. Perhaps because of the ungratefulness of the donee.

Read the article on Czechs are no longer afraid to sue and want more money

Czechs are increasingly turning to the courts to enforce their rights. They are demanding ever greater compensation, according to the Právo daily and news server

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