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Not satisfied with your temporary job? Feeling burnt out or having trouble finding a job in your field? Retraining exists for exactly these cases. It can help you to deepen your knowledge or change your current field completely. The Job Centre can be of great help. It can save you tens of thousands on retraining courses. You can find out exactly how this works in this article.

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What retraining is for

Retraining means getting a new qualification. It can be deepening your existing knowledge, broadening your scope or studying a completely new discipline. Its main aim is to improve your position in the labour market. This is because retraining gives you more knowledge that employers value. It is then most suitable for those who either have no qualifications or are unable to find a job with their current qualifications.

Retraining is possible in a wide range of fields from cosmetics to IT. It is offered both commercially and by the Job Centre. For commercially available retraining courses, you should only choose those that are accredited by the Ministry of Education (MoE).

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Conditions for retraining from the Job Centre

There are five basic conditions for retraining offered by the Job Centre:

  1. You must be registered as a jobseeker or jobseeker with the Job Centre.

A jobseeker is a person who has lost his or her job and is interested in getting help from the Job Centre to find a new job. They may also receive unemployment benefits. A jobseeker, on the other hand, is interested in changing jobs or feels threatened by the loss of his or her current job and is therefore interested in the Job Centre’s help in finding a new job. Such a person does not receive unemployment benefits.

  1. You must have the qualifications to complete the retraining course and to subsequently perform the job you can get as a result of the retraining. For example, you need to have the required degree.
  2. You must be medically fit for the course and subsequent work.
  3. Retraining must be necessary. Need is determined by what the person’s current qualifications are and whether those current qualifications are insufficient to get suitable work.
  4. Retraining must be effective. Effectiveness is assessed on the basis of whether the new qualification will help the person to get suitable work.

Retraining courses are divided by the Job Centre into three groups, with different conditions and different ways and rates of payment for the course:

Security retraining

Security retraining is the most necessary retraining for jobseekers who are struggling to find a job with their current qualifications. These retraining courses are paid for in full by the Job Centre, which also provides financial support for retraining and reimbursement of travel costs from the place of residence to the place of the retraining course.

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How much is the retraining allowance

The retraining allowance is set at 60% of your average earnings in your last job. If you were in business, the amount is calculated on the last assessment base in the reference period, converted into 1 calendar month. Otherwise, it will be 0.14 times the national average wage for the first to third quarters of the preceding calendar year. However, the amount is still capped at 0.65 times the national average wage for the first to third quarters of the preceding calendar year.

Tip: Read what else the average wage affects.

What if you don’t complete the course

If you don’t complete the retraining course, you have to pay for it. The same applies if you complete the course but then do not take up a job that the Job Centre has found for you in connection with the retraining. In addition, you will also be struck off the Jobcentre’s register and your benefits will be withdrawn. The only exception in these cases is for serious reasons.

The chosen retraining

The chosen retraining is also for jobseekers. In this case, you can find and choose your own retraining and then apply to the employment office for the chosen retraining. You must do this at least 30 days before the start of the retraining course. This must be accompanied by a receipt for the cost of the retraining course, including the cost of the final exam. If the authority approves the retraining course, it will reimburse up to CZK 50,000 over three years. Again, if the candidate refuses to take up a new job on the basis of the new qualification, he or she must pay for the retraining course retroactively. The same applies if they do not complete the course.

In this case , however, there is much less chance of your chosen retraining being approved. Whether the Job Centre approves it depends mainly on how much it thinks it will help you to get into the labour market. Also, in this situation, you will not receive retraining support or a transport allowance.

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Digital education courses

The last group consists of digital learning courses. These are open to all and aim to improve overall digital literacy. At the same time, they provide quality and accessible education for people who are interested in taking their skills to the next level. For example, you will find courses on different programming languages, modelling, digital marketing and the use of artificial intelligence.

These courses are approved in the vast majority of cases and can be arranged completely online. Their selection works in a similar way to a traditional e-shop. The Job Centre contributes up to CZK 50,000 over three years for these courses, with a minimum of 18% participation required.

Other Job Centre projects

In addition to retraining courses, the Job Centre offers a number of other projects. These include European Social Fund (ESF) projects, which the Job Centre offers in cooperation with the European Union. Their aim is to help people find better jobs and provide more equal opportunities for all. Some of these are particularly worth mentioning:


The POVEZ II programme, or Support for Employee Training, aims to help employers train their employees. This is intended to improve their competitiveness and at the same time address the problem of lack of workforce flexibility and employers’ reluctance to invest in the training of their employees. It is not only a contribution to the cost of the training course, but also a reimbursement of their wages during the training period. However, people working under an IČO can also take advantage of this programme of the Labour Office and train themselves.

Age is no barrier (VNP)

TheVNP programme is aimed at people over 55 years of age. The aim is to adapt them to changing trends in the labour market. This consists of individual and group counselling, retraining courses, job placement and other measures such as reimbursement of travel costs.

Youth Guarantee (YG)

This is a similar project to the VNP but targeted at the opposite group of people – young people up to 29 years of age. This is because this group can be disadvantaged in the labour market due to their lack of experience. It again includes individual and group counselling, retraining and job placement. In addition, motivation to return to education is also an important component.

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