Selling a garage – how to do it?

In city centres, a garage or garage parking is becoming a welcome addition to the apartment you buy. However, parking is nowadays paid for almost in gold. Therefore, it is advisable not to underestimate the purchase contract for a garage and to prepare it so that there will actually be somewhere to park in the end.

Jak na prodej garáže
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What should be included in the garage purchase agreement?

A garage purchase agreement cannot do without formalities that are identical to any other property purchase agreement:

  • personal data (for a natural person, name, surname, address and birth number, for a legal entity, name, registered office, identification number, document of registration in the Commercial Register),
  • the date of payment,
  • in the case of payment by instalments, the amount and the obligation to pay, as well as the penalties for non-compliance,
  • the signatures of both parties.

Tip: You can use the model property purchase agreement written by our team of lawyers.

What to remember before signing the contract from the buyer’s point of view?

Inspect the garage thoroughly before the sale to make sure it is in the condition described in the contract. An even more important step that is often overlooked is establishing ownership of the property. To avoid possible fraud, a simple verification through the Land Registry is sufficient. In a few minutes, you can verify not only whether the seller is the real owner, but also whether there is a bank lien or foreclosure on the garage.

Nowadays, there are also demands for the ability to charge an electric car or electric motorbike in the garage. If you do require this, make sure that this option is built right into the contract. An assurance in an email is not enough.

Beware of fees associated with the sale of a garage

The transfer of the garage may be part of the contract for the sale of the flat. However, sometimes it is necessary to buy the garage separately. This was the case for Mr George. He was buying a flat from a man who also “matched” him with a garage which he rented himself. He said it should not be a problem to transfer it.

However, after a detailed check, we found out that our client would pay a lot of money for the garage, which was also located in a different house than the flat. The house in question had high fees. And as if that were not enough, there was also a “war” between the garage owners and the rest of the residents of the building over the aforementioned fees and reconstruction costs. Becoming a part of such a situation could have been a revenge for Mr. Jiří, especially when the garage itself cost as much as an apartment in a smaller town.

Mr. Jiří ended up buying a garage right in the backyard of the house next door. It was seemingly even more expensive, but without the need for additional investment. Everything went smoothly and peacefully. And Mr. Jiří can park whenever he wants without any problems.

What about selling a garage on someone else’s property?

When selling a garage (as well as any other property), it is necessary to take into account the legal pre-emption right that belongs to the owner of the land on which the garage stands. The sale of the garage is then conducted as follows:

  1. A contract of sale of the garage is signed with the interested party.
  2. The owner of the land is invited to exercise his right of pre-emption, in which case he signs an identical purchase contract. The owner has three months to exercise his pre-emption right.
  3. If the owner exercises the pre-emption right, the purchase contract with the interested party is cancelled. Otherwise, the interested party shall be required to pay the purchase price.

Garage and its sale can get unexpectedly complicated

We will provide a complete contractual and legal service, with which you will be sure to avoid mistakes in the details. This is what we encounter most often in practice. We can prepare all documents within 48 hours – flawlessly and professionally.

Registration of the garage in the Land Registry

The ownership rights to the garage are automatically transferred to you when you have it registered in the Land Registry. When registering your garage in the Land Registry, you must add:

  • 2x the application form for registration – you can download it directly on the website of the Land Registry or pick it up directly at the branch,
  • 1x Deed of Deposit – in this case it will be a contract of sale of the garage,
  • all other possible attachments (geometric plan, owner’s declaration),
  • administrative fee of CZK 1,000.
Prodej garážového stání
Prodej garážového stání

Tip: More details on how to file a petition to the Land Registry are covered in a separate article.

Garage sales tax

When you sell your garage, as with any other property, you will not avoid tax liabilities. In 2020, there is a major change in the form of the abolition of property acquisition tax. However, the seller is still obliged to pay garage sale tax = tax on the income from the sale of the property. The amount is subject to classic personal income tax and is taxed at 15%.

Tip: Find out how to declare your property sales tax and how to do it correctly in our article.

You don’t have to pay tax if you meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • You have owned the garage for at least 5 or 10 years under certain circumstances.
  • The garage was inherited in a direct line of succession and the previous owner fulfilled the temporal condition of ownership.
  • You used the money you received from the sale to meet a housing need.

However, we always recommend discussing the specific terms acutely with an attorney or tax advisor.

For the record, what is the difference between a garage and a carport?

A garage and a garage space are defined differently, hence the differences relating to ownership, management and maintenance, as well as other legalities. Keep this in mind when entering into a purchase contract for a garage or a purchase contract for a garage.

A garage is a space that is used to park a motor vehicle. It differs from a garage in that it is spatially bounded and firmly separated from its surroundings. It may be a detached building or a unit. Plain and simple, it is one complete and separate space. Imagine it as a garage in the garden, in the cellar of a family house or as a separate cubicle in that strange oblong building often adorning the outskirts of Czech towns.

A garage, on the other hand, is just a dedicated space that is part of a larger non-residential space used for parking motor vehicles. Imagine it as a space underground under a hypermarket. It differs from a garage in that it is not rigidly separated from its surroundings.

The catch is that, legally speaking, the owner of a garage is usually his or her own boss, whereas the owner of a parking space is often just a co-owner of a large garage. He therefore has to make difficult arrangements with the other co-owners for its management and maintenance.

Selling a garage

Although management and maintenance cannot be done without an agreement, thanks to the 2020 amendment to the Civil Code , the co-owners do not need to be given priority when selling a garage. Since 1 July 2020, the right of pre-emption has been abolished. Even in this case, there are no exceptions that you have to get used to under the legal measures.

Theright of pre-emption does not lapse if the co-owners could not influence their rights and obligations from the outset. For simplicity’s sake, we will explain this by means of a specific case. If you have inherited an apartment with a garage and wish to transfer it to a third party, you must first offer the share, i.e. the garage, to the co-owners. However, even in this case, the right of pre-emption expires after six months and you can dispose of the share as you wish.

Have a guarantee when selling your garage

Our clients most often make mistakes in the details that end up costing them a lot of time, nerves and money. We can provide a full contractual and legal service when selling your property, whether it is a garage, flat, house or land. We can do it within 48 hours, flawlessly and professionally.

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