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How to Obtain an Extract from the Land Register

Are you buying a property and are about to sign the purchase agreement? Consult the Land Register beforehand and avoid the bitter disappointment of many new owners who were too late to find out that their new property is burdened with a lien or easement.

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A Land Register inspection innovation planned for June 2021 remains forthcoming

Due to an overload of requests, the State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre (ČÚZK) has decided to restrict the access to anonymous users, who won’t be ale to use their website. Their report stated that “this measure also aims to better protect the privacy and personal data within the land Register.”

Any person requesting complete access to the data including information on proprietors was to do so either through remote access to the cadastre or via the National Register for Identification and Authentication, also known as eIdentita. However, the plan has been halted due to heavy criticisms from both the public and experts.

Perform a quick check before purchasing the property – consult the Land Register

Verifying the essential information on a property only takes a few minutes. The official online application provided by the Land Register is free and without registration. As mentioned, this should change as of June 2021. Bear in mind, however, that some of the application’s functions are disabled in the free mode. On the other hand, you can obtain any and all details by means of an extract.

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Your Attorneys Online advise: By consulting the cadastre, you can find out if a property is burdened with a lien. However, it takes an extract to learn its particulars.

Katastr 2.0 represents a user-friendly alternative

This online application is based on Google maps. Upon entering the particular property’s address, Katastr 2.0 will display a cadastral map that will also enable you to inspect the records. Just click on a property to obtain a direct link to the information stored about it in the Land Register.

Tip: Are you about to purchase a property? Read our guide to registering it.

When do you need an extract from the Land Register?

The extract from the cadastre serves as a proof of ownership in the following situations:

Tip: When you’re buying property, keep in mind to ask for the title number and direct your attention to Part C, where easements are listed. This matter is discussed in more detail in the article about the Land Register.

Partial or full extract?

This depends on for what you need the extract. The partial extract from the Land Register provides information about one or several buildings or parcels of land from the proprietor’s holdings. It suffices when you’re reporting a construction, documenting the proprietor of a building plot or when you’re selling a property and need to prove its possession.

The full extract then contains any and all real estate in the owner’s possession within a given cadastral area and is sometimes referred to as the whole title number. Simply, it’s a list of parcels and buildings that may stretch over several pages. Please note that the Land Register enables only a search by a particular property and not by a proprietor.

Tip: The previous article provides detailed information on what can be learned from the Land Register.

How to obtain an extract from the Land Register?

Getting an extract from the cadastre is relatively simple. You can do so:

  1. In person at your local Land Register office – be prepared to pay 100 crowns for the first 20 units (i.e., parcels, buildings, flats or non-residential premises) recorded within the cadastre, plus another 100 Czk for each 20 units.
  2. At any CzechPoint branch – here, the first page of the extract costs 100 crowns, and every additional page is 50 Czk.
  3. At the notary – the fee for the first 20 units is 100 Czk, and each additional score is 150 Czk.
  4. Online at the Land Register website – see below.

Your Attorneys Online advise: “If you are applying for an extract based on a title number, you will need to provide the cadastral area number as well as the title number itself. For an extract by a property list, you will need the cadastral area name, parcel number (when dealing with land), building plot number (when dealing with a construction) or house and flat number.”

Is it possible to get an extract from the Land Register online?

First of all, find the building or parcel on the Land Register website. Then select what type of extract you would like on the right side of the screen.

There will be a copy of the cadastral map at your disposal as well as some information about the parcel and the partial and full extract from the Land Register. The electronic version of the extract from the cadastre comes cheaper than the printed version and depends on the number of pages as well. The extract can be sent to an e-mail address or downloaded directly from your browser. This version is by all means equal to any other official version and includes liens and easements as well. The Land Register also provides information on property seizure or distrainment.

Tip: Anyone may apply at the Land Register for an extract concerning any property. However, a search by owner’s name is disabled.

Nemovitost, u které se řeší výpis z katastru nemovitostí
Property of which an extract from the Land Register is required

Remote access for frequent users of the Land Register

Acquiring remote access will prove useful, especially to those persons or institutions that often require extracts from the Land Register. It will enable them to consult the register quickly and simply; the same holds true for obtaining the extracts. You will be required to sign up and pay the user fee. Do bear in mind, however, that any data obtained through this application are deemed purely informational and may not be employed, e.g., when negotiating with the authorities or a bank.

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